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Dr. Judi Bloom Email

City, State: Ca

Website: www.Drjudibloom.com

I had so much fun being on Richard Skipper Celebrates, talking about dealing with Covid and the changing world around us as we go forward in these challenging times. He is such an easy person to talk to and his warm, comfortable manner put me instantly at ease. I look forward to many more conversations to come!
Dr. Judi Bloom

Gabrielle Stone Email

It was so lovely being on The Full Moon Positive Book Club, Richard Skipper had so many wonderful questions, I knew he had really taken the time to do his research which is always so appreciated. The hour flew by! Thanks for a fun chat Richard! xo 
Gabrielle Stone, Eat, Pray, #FML

Pamela Jackson Email

City, State: Washington DC

Website: pamdemoniumafata.com

Such a wonderful interview with Gabrielle Stone! I never wanted it to end, although I felt that Richard Skipper took the time to give such a thoughtful, thorough interview. Not only am I going to get Eat, Prat, #FML and "tell every 3rd friend" but I am going to let friends 1 and 2 know what a bright shining star Richard Skipper is. Keep up the great work!
Pamela Jackson, pamdemoniumafata.com

Howard McGillin Email

City, State: NYC

Website: https://www.howardmcgillin.com/

It was such a pleasure talking with Richard Skipper on "Richard Skipper Celebrates". As I said on the show, he makes what he does look easy. He creates a lovely space for conversation. Bravo. Keep 'em coming!
Howard McGillin,https://www.howardmcgillin.com/

Joe Brancato Email

City, State: Ny

Website: JoeBrancato.com

Richard Skipper has mastered the Art of the Interview! He varies the approach according to his subject, always bringing out the very best in his subject. His easy, familiar style reminds me of the long lost artists in the field of great interviewers. He is always at the top of his game in keeping the audience entertained while getting to the heart of his subject. His signature wish of “ do something kind” always falls on the ears and hearts of a captive audience. Wishing him and all of us many years to come of great interviews.
Joe Brancato, JoeBrancato.com
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