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Mary Callanan Email

City, State: Boston, MA

Website: Www.marycallanan.com

Thank you so much for having me as a guest on Richard Skipper Celebrates. Richard, you have a WONDERFUL way about you!! You make a guest so very relaxed and present, a total pleasure! That was the fastest hour I’ve ever spent in an interview! BLESS YOU for doing your “homework” too - it certainly makes an interview more engaging when the interviewer “understands “ the subject matter!! Long may you reign!
Mary Callanan, Boston, MA

Louis Pietig Email

City, State: Westport,ct

Great profile/interview of Leslie Orofino. You did a wonderful job of making her “shine” All of the programs you are doing have such heart and depth that ( and I seldom feel this) I can watch them more than once! Thanks for presenting all of these performers and keeping them available to their audiences and yours ! Bravo!

Leslie Orofino Email

City, State: Westport, CT

Website: www.leslieorofino.com

I absolutely LOVED being Richard Skipper's guest today on Richard Skipper Celebrates. His warmth and personality shine in everything he does and everything he does is top notch   Leslie Orofino, Westport CT

Helen Howey Email

City, State: Lake Wales, Fl

I wanted to come and sign your guest book. I just finished watching your interview with Alton Fitzgerald White. It was really great!! You really did your homework...it was obvious that you read his book! There is so much good "stuff" in it and so many good lessons. Thank you for you time and dedication in making this hour delightful ♡

Robin Capello Email

City, State: Waltham, MA

Website: watchcityarts.org

I loved hearing gems of information from your guests on perseverance or lessons learned that moved them forward on their walk of life.
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