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Leanne Borghesi  Email

City, State: New York

Website: Www.leanneborghesi.com

New York’s premiere Cabaret, Theater, Night Club and Live Performance Publicist & Public Relations Pro is the one and only- Richard Skipper! Our sold out show this past November at Birdland Jazz club: “SHOWBROADS...A Night Club Duel” with Marta Sanders-Cooper and Leanne Borghesi- Performer was a smash hit with another date in the wings! For your media, press, promotion and all needs SHOW, this Showman is just the right fit for hands on promotion! Flexible rates and 💯 personalized service! Thank you Richard for getting the word out!! Love The ShowBroads!

Jeffrey Smith Email

City, State: Beverly,NJ

I was so excited to finally be able to attend an event hosted by Richard Skipper and he did not disappoint! From the minute he took the stage, his innate charm and enthusiasm warmed the room. Not only was I entertained , I learned things I did not know and by the end of the evening, I was left touched and very moved by the outpouring of love and affection by everyone on the panel celebrating Marge Champion and kudos to Richard for being such an exceptional interviewer and host. I did not want it to end! (Dancers Over 40 Celebrates the 100th Birthday of Marge Champion: St. Luke's Theatre, NYC: 10/16/19)
Jeffrey Smith,Beverly,NJ

Ryan Leeds Email

City, State: NY

Website: New York

I usually attend these events (Dancers Over 40 Celebration of Marge Champion) as a theater critic, but since I had a friend involved in the first portion of the evening's show (celebrating Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat), I went as a spectator. I had known OF Richard Skipper but had never seen him onstage. He was remarkably charming, knowledgeable, and friendly to the entire panel. Consequently, it was well received by a gracious audience. Bravo!
Ryan Leeds, NY

Doug and Vicki Bell Email

City, State: Conway SC

Your recent one man show, "From Conway to Broadway," is a wonderful, creative job of musical theatre storytelling. The mood, the pace, the songs and anecdotes--all made for a great evening of theatre. The Conway section brought back a lot of memories--Florence Epps and "Molly Brown" and your performances on the front steps of Conway High School. And your first experiences of New York were hilarious! Thanks for creating this show and sharing your talent and your story.

Mindy Aloff 

City, State: Brooklyn, NY

It was an honor and a pleasure to be part of the 100th birthday celebration for Marge Champion at Dancers over 40, and the entire event only happened because of Richard Skipper's energy to make it happen. He also ran the panel sensitively, and the film of us singing "Happy Birthday" to Marge was a great idea of a present for her. Richard's gift to the audience was the Gershwin song, performed with style and lyric charm, by the elegant Ms Jackson.
Thank you, Richard! Vive Marge!!
Mindy Aloff, Author of Hippo in a Tutu:https://www.amazon.com/Hippo-Tutu-Dancing-Disney-Animation/dp/1423100794
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