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Betsyann Faiella Email
20 hours ago

City, State: New York NY

Website: Http://www.savoypr.com

Richard, your Facebook Live interview program from the YORK Theatre Oscar Hammerstein Awards Gala honoring Susan Stroman was great fun and you were, as always, a charming and skillful pro. I couldn’t help but think what a much needed service (and interesting and fun) it is for events like that one, smaller than the Tony Awards but important to many! And the Tony Awards and anyone else would be lucky to have you, too!

Lisa Dascoli  Email

City, State: Little Falls NJ

Richard Skipper’s Monday night FB Live from the York Theatre Gala was as exhilarating and fun to watch as any awards show!! I wish I were there in the room!! Not only does Richard always conduct an informative interview, but it’s so much fun to watch!! I look forward to seeing these interviews.
Lisa Dascoli, Little Falls NJ

Josephine Sanges Email

City, State: NYC

Website: https://josephinesanges.com/

I’m very grateful for Richard’s experience and intimate knowledge of the art form of cabaret, along with his openness and willingness to share all of that with me. With Richard you feel like you have a true partner in your performing endeavors. He listens to whatever your individual challenge is, offers helpful suggestions, and gives you answers that are tailor made to your concerns. He’s a true mensch!!
-Josephine Sanges

Jennifer Roberts Email

City, State: West, Michigan

Website: jennifergroberts.com

I have LOVED Richard's Blogs and Articles, and have really enjoyed his Facebook LIVE series......they are always so helpful and informative. I've been able to catch a few of them, most recently - last week's featuring Melissa Manchester and the investigation and recovery of Judy Garland's Ruby Slippers. Melissa was so inspiring! Thank-you Richard!!

Ann Kittredge Email

City, State: Forest Hills, NY

Website: annkittredge.com

Richard and Russ, your show this past Sunday, Oct 14, was spectacular. I have enjoyed many a Sunday in your theatrical care, and the two of you understand the point of putting together a show -- it is to ENTERTAIN!!!!!!!! It was on the one hand so well produced and directed that an audience immediately feels taken care of, but then the consummate mastery of Richard's hosting skills to embrace the audience and the moment(s) and harvest such humor and pleasure from the unexpected.  Do I really have to wait until February for another one?  LOVE this series, and so grateful for the laughs and the heart. Thank you.
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