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Warren Schein Email

City, State: Mineola, NY

Website: warrenschein.com

Richard Skipper:
You my good friend have a calling and, you've found it.
You're a "Host of Hosts".
You've got that knack of bringing out the best in everyone you interview. You have that special quality of "listening" to your quests which makes all of your interviews so interesting and enjoyable.
It brings out the best in them and your audiences always want "more". 
Thank you for having me as a "Special Guest" on your show last Friday evening for Bobbie Horowitz and Carole Demas," You Must've Been A Beautiful Baby" a celebration of their birthdays, it was a "blast" and each and every quest was wonderful.
Please continue your work helping us to be "happy and entertained" and I'm so looking forward for your next interview.
Warren Schein: warrenschein.com

Judi Mark Email

City, State: NY NY

Website: performerjudimark.com

So much fun watching Richard Skipper host this informative hour of Cabaret featuring David Sabella and Sue Matsuki and their book, "So You Want to Sing" (May 25, 2020).  Richard truly is the host with the most and deserves his own Broadcast syndicated show based on the amount of interviews and topics that he has shared with the public.  For me as a performer, sharing the stages with him plus an ever growing friendship has increased my adoration and belief that "it's gonna happen..." Wishing you health, wealth and happiness always!  Love you!  Judi Mark http://www.judimark.com

Meri Ziev Email

City, State: Ocean Ridge, FL

Website: www.meriziev.com

Thank you Richard Skipper, for your generous support of all that is Cabaret! Today’s broadcast with David Sabella and Sue Matsuki about their upcoming book, So You Want to Sing Cabaret, was wonderful, and the resources they offered (e.g. NATS) were truly valuable. You asked the questions that brought out everything I was hoping they would touch upon. I was in NYC in October and finally had the pleasure of meeting you at the Cabaret Convention-and, coincidentally, met David Sabella in the elevator that same night! I returned in March to work on my next Cabaret, with hopes for bringing it to NY in the fall...we all know how that’s going. Ah well. Thanks to you all for suggestions of ways to stay relevant! Thanks for caring-including your #StayHome Campaign! Stay safe and healthy!
Meri Ziev: http://www.meriziev.com

W. Brent Sawyer Email

City, State: New York, NY

Richard SKIPPER - Oh thank you!. I so enjoyed the live stream today (5/25/20) with you, Sue Matsuki and David Sabella on breaking into the CABARET scene. It was so fascinating to hear them speak about the world of CABARET -  and they are the ones that truly really know it. Their new book sounds incredible and is going to help guide so many people into the right direction. I did NOT want to stream to end - 60 mins was not enough - just enough to whet my whistle and salivate for more!!!!! But seriously, It really made me want to read their book and hear more of the gems of wisdom and insight. Thank you for bringing this magnificent opportunity to us. Your programs are SO important. Thank you for being a mentor to the artists community. Such important work. I am looking forward to the next one. xox
W. Brent Sawyer, NYC

Bobbie Horowitz Email

City, State: NYC

Website: BobbieHorowitz.com

I'm so blessed to have seen Richard Skipper's live interview of Sue Matsuki and David Sabella about their new book "So You Want To Sind Cabaret". First of all, who the have to share with the public is fabulous and understandable! Richard's interview is as good as any I've seen anywhere at any time. If you've ever cared about music or entertainment or being uplifted - go to Richard Skipper Celebrates and listen to the recording of this interview. Sue is so practical about the "business" of performing (as well as being a wonderful singer herself!) and David Sabella is so knowledgeable about what songs can communicate and how to get your songs to communicate that you'll learn something - whatever field you're in. I have to add that I think Richard should have an running interview show on a major TV channel. He's so good at staying real while enjoying himself and bringing the audience in that I think his show would be a major success throughout the country. I'm not a reviewer...I'm a lover of songs and entertainment and dear performers who deserve recognition. Check out richardskippercelebrates.com

obbie Horowitz: BobbieHorowitz.com
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