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Jacqueline Parker Email

City, State: NYC


Richard Skipper was never better 1/31/18--bristling with excitement and energy, and of course, love. Congratulations on a well conceived and executed show -- we all enjoyed it.
Keep up the great work, Mr. Ziegfeld
-Jacqueline Parker, NYC 

Joshua Ellis Email

City, State: NYC

Last night’s “Richard Skipper Celebrates Carol Channing on Her 97th Birthday" was a party with a marvelous host and a group of his very talented friends. I wasn’t just an audience member, I was a fellow celebrant. The wonderful stories and songs and a sensational video made it feel like Carol was in the room with all of us.
-Joshua Ellis

Darnell Email

City, State: Buffalo, New York 14201

Mr. Richard skipper's Show was beautiful!!!
It was far greater then I imagine.
Looking forward to the next show.
If you have not experienced his events, you owe it to yourself!! You will not be disappointed.
He is a rare Gem!!

Diane Merklinger Email

City, State: Briarwood, New York

I was so happy that Judy Ferber and I attended Richard Skipper's Christmas cabaret on Sun. 12/3, thanks to Arlene Jacks, who recommended it very highly.  What a great experience - it was fun, heartwarming and sentimental.  Great performers and great audience!  What a treat to see Kathryn Crosby - that really took me back in time to all the Bing Crosby Christmas specials.  I can't wait to attend the celebration of Carol Channing's 97th birthday on Jan. 31 with another friend of ours as well as Richard's birthday celebration in Feb.  Richard: you and your team are a class act!
Diane Merklinger, Briarwood, New York

Rich Braaten Email

What a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season! My daughter Jamie and I felt the the Christmas magic, and for me I took a wonderful stroll down memory lane. Thanks Richard for all that you do and for putting together such a wonderful show, we'll be back!
Rich Braaten, Ridgefied, CT
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