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Karen Mason 

City, State: NYC, NY

Website: www.KarenMason.com

Richard Skipper is a true believer in the art of conversation!  Being interviewed by Richard feels like spending a really wonderful hour with an old friend!  Yes, we have known each other a long time...still, he asked me questions that challenged me and made me think!  And always with respect and curiosity. Not just your typical "tell me about your career!"  Thank you for having this great show! and most importantly, thank you, my friend, for letting me share the magic that is Richard Skipper!
Karen Mason, http://www.KarenMason.com

Erin Calev  Email

City, State: Dumont, Nj

Website: www.emcfinearts.com

Sitting outside with a glass of wine on a beautiful summer night and watching Renee Katz on Jim Masters. I would not have known about this if it was not for Richard Skipper. Richard has kept so many of us going through this pandemic and he is SO GENEROUS when it comes to promoting the careers of so many others. His interviews are fantastic! You feel as if you are sitting in the same room! Warm and inviting and relaxed and so RICHARD!! It’s just RICHARD!! He is like a warm slice of apple pie or your favorite blanket and I feel like any one of his followers could reach out and say “Richard I am having a tough day” and Richard would ask how he could help. So in touch with the needs of his followers, his friends, his colleagues. So connected with his fellow artists and aware of what’s important and what needs to be addressed on the daily. Richard is a treasure and has brought the best entertainers/entertainment, the best news, and puts his entire heart into everything he does. You can tell when his fingerprints are on something because it is just ....MAGICAL.Erin Calev , Dumont NJ

Yvonne Marie McQuade Email

City, State: Rockaway, NJ

Richard Skipper's interview (7/6/20) with Anthony Crivello, was enlightening...the discussion went beyond the theater...they spoke of family values, education and how to balance the whole package....they spoke of how we all yearn to have Broadway open up again..it was an interesting hour of life experience, compassion and fulfilling dreams.. I enjoyed this interview immensely...
Yvonne Marie McQuade, Rockaway, NJ

Tess La Bella  Email

City, State: Boynton Beach Florida

Website: tesslabella.com

So grateful to have Richard Skipper as a friend. I love his positivity and his enormous talent. Everyone needs a Richard Skipper in their life. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity you have given me. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Keep shining your BRIGHT LIGHT OF LOVE AND HOPE. Warmest Regards, Tess La Bella: tesslabella.com

C. Scott Zimmerman Email

City, State: Tucson, AZ

Richard Skipper's interview with Anthony Crivello filled me with warmth and the reassurance that the performance arts community is united in both grief and hope. The respect both gentlemen have for the theatre was more than evident in this discussion that ranged over so many pertinent topics, anecdotes, and reminiscences. Mr Crivello is a model for the stage, a gracious performer who is humbled by the magic and his good fortune. I'd love to see him come back for another chat.
C. Scott Zimmerman, Tucson, AZ
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