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Thanks! Left a comment on YouTube. (The guy you interviewed, Brian) interesting guy! You brought so many dimensions out in your interviews with thoughtful questions and tap into the real person! I love the way you interact with people! Always amazes me!

Judy jesiolowski 

City, State: Sarasota Florida


Richard Skipper——my wife and I have become friends of Sue Matsuki and have become “cabaret groupies”.  Sue told us about your show on YouTube and we are becoming Richard Skipper fans.

Thank you for all you do.

Stay well and stay safe,
Judy Jesiolowski 

Susan Matsuki Email

City, State: Brooklyn, NY

Website: suematsuki@aol.com


Richard Skipper, THANK YOU for interviewing David Sabella and me not once but TWICE for the release of our new book, "So You Want to Sing Cabaret". You are simply the BEST Richard Skipper. The best at what you do (extraordinary Interviewer); the best at your prep for any of the interviews that you conduct; the best at making your guests feel comfortable and appreciated and the best friend anyone could hope to have. David and I are so grateful to you. 

Sue Matsuki 

Deborah Stone Email

City, State: New York, NY

Website: deborah-stone.com

The interview with Sue and David yesterday (June 22, 2020) was just wonderful.  I'm excited about all of the new and varied technologies and the great promise that they hold. I am also beyond impressed with their combined commitment to spotlighting and educating us all about it.   Moving forward with hope, passion, determination and a full voice into this new, virtual landscape!

Randy Brandon Email

City, State: South Florida

Richard.. I am 99% positive we met decades ago ..I was singing at TbeYellow Brick Road . The bushes of CPW and Ted Hooks Backstage and Onstage ....as well as The Grand Finale .
It been forever and I am hoping to give it another shot soon ...
Wishing you continued success ! You are fabulous!
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