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Jeff Harnar Email

City, State: NYC

Website: http://jeffharnar.com/


RichardSkipper was born to this mantle. What a spot-on splendid job he does. Always a treat to hear those glorious pipes when he sings AND now add to that this charming, spontaneous yet thoroughly primped, delightfully funny role as Host. What a gem of an entertainment he has concocted ... I was honored to be a part of the festivities

(He had me from the “Opening Credits!” Abundantly BRILLIANT) 
Jeff Harnar, NYC

Avery Sommers Email

City, State: Palm Beach, Florida

Website: https://www.palmbeachdramaworks.org/bio/avery-sommers-276


Richard Skipper, You are Absolutely Amazing!!! So kind and So loving. It was such a joy to watch you craft your show on October 14th. What a Masterful job Of Singing and Hosting You Did. You knew just the right questions to ask and statements to make to help each of us to feel so special. As others have said you were born for your role.  I will never forget you bringing Reggie Whitehead on stage. I smiled from ear to ear with complete delight and laughed out loud! That was a brilliant moment! I am so grateful to you for inviting me to be a part of such a Fabulous Show that brought together so much incredible talent on one stage. Thank You to both You and your wonderful Producer Russ Woolley. Kudos to Everyone in The Laurie Beechman Theater for taking such good care of us. Continued Blessings On Your Wonderful Journey Richard. Love You
Avery Sommers, Palm Beach, Florida

Sheree Sano Email

City, State: NYC

Website: http://www.shereesano.com/

When Richard Skipper hosts the party is ON! He sparkles with a charm that is sincere, sophisticated and frequently HILARIOUS!! He asks excellent questions when he interviews guests that always lead naturally to fascinating answers and when he ad-libs with the audience he's amazingly quick-witted and endlessly entertaining. In my book, he's the Best of the Best - Always puts on a fabulous, happily satisfying show - I love him to bits!!
Sheree Sano, NYC

Linda Purl Email

City, State: NYC

Website: http://www.lindapurl.com/

Richard’s joy and generosity uplift any event he emcees. He handles curve balls w ease and charm. He’s the kind of host that makes an event so memorable your guests will want to come back year after year.-Linda Purl, NYC

Mary Sue Daniels Email

City, State: New York, NY

Dear Richard and Russ - Thank you for a wonderful afternoon of excellent entertainment! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to more.
Mary Sue
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