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Jennifer Roberts Email

City, State: MI

Website: jennifergroberts.com

What a Beautiful Birthday Celebration Richard Skipper and Sue Matsuki put together May 22 ON LINE, to toast and serenade the incomparable Bobbie Horowitz and Carole Demas, both turning 80 this week. Whenever Richard and Sue are hosting or creating something, you can be certain it will be Special!! Enjoyed the great guests, songs and conversation  - also in celebration and support of The American Songbook Association! What a one-of-a-kind Evening! Thank-you All!
Jennifer Roberts: jennifergroberts.com

Michael Kirk Lane Email

City, State: Astoria, NY

Website: www.michaelkirklane.com

Whenever Richard hosts a show, you know you will entertained.  Performing solo, or welcoming guests to perform alongside him, if Richard Skipper is celebrating something, it is a celebration any audience will be lucky to attend.
Michael Kirk Lane: http://www.michaelkirklane.com

Sidney Myer Email

City, State: New York, New York

What a memorable and moving evening Richard Skipper and Sue presented  on line on May 22nd as the Cabaret Community came together for this most joyous Celebration. Remarkably, all our enforced separation melted away and we were one family reunited in honoring two of our most beloved members, Bobbie Horowitz and Carole Demas. 

Sidney Myer

Frank Dain Email

City, State: NEw York, NY

Website: frankdain.com

Richard Skipper and Sue Matsuki
Thank you for a wonderful evening with your well-produced You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby: Celebrating Carole Demas and Bobbie Horowitz on their 80th Birthdays. Your hosting duties were spot on. The evening was organized well and very entertaining. Thank you for raising funds for the American Songbook Association. We raised over $700!

Frank Dain

Margaret Flather Rogers Email

City, State: NYC, NY

Website: www.megflather@gmail.com

Last night I was reminded of Richard Skipper's interviewing and hosting skills. He knows just what to say to each "guest" to put them at ease and create a real, organic conversation. He knows how to trust to silence to make room for the magic of a "live" exchange. He knows when to jump in, guide and support. Most importantly, his heart comes through in every exchange. I remember as a youth how Mike Douglas exhibited this kind of instinct. Richard has that instinct. Thank you, Richard. Please do more!
Meg Flather: http://www.megflather@gmail.com
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