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Ann Kittredge Email

City, State: Forest Hills, NY


Richard Skipper and Russ Woolley's monthly Celebration series is becoming a MUST event for me.  Getting past how entertaining it is, how generous and vibrant Richard is as a performer and host, what I enjoy is learning about these people he celebrates.  The opening video is always a highlight AND the talent -- sooooo much to learn watching some of these incredible talents grace the stage. But honestly, I must admit that knowing I will be able to visit with friends and meet other music lovers is also a real draw.  This last show I had the joy of sitting with Ira Lee Collings, Leanne Borghesi and David Sabella. A blast enjoying their company.  Love, Love, Love the series.
Ann Kittredge, Forest Hills, NY

Lisa Martinez  Email

City, State: Garnerville NY

What a fabulous show!! Richard Skipper leads a pack of draw dropping talent that had the packed room constantly on its feet applauding!! Richard was his charming self interviewing the fiercely talented cast, then bringing on stage, out of the audience a young hopeful actress!! Incredible! Best show in town.
Lisa Martinez, Garnerville  NY

Fred Barton 

City, State: NYC

There's nothing I love better than doing a lot of show tunes with a lot of superior performers – and that's what I got to do last week in the John Kander Birthday Tribute, thanks to Richard! It was such a pleasure to work with each other at long last, after knowing each other for 35 years! I have three words of advice, next time you hear of a Richard Skipper event with this level of talent: Don't Stay Home
-Fred Barton, NYC

Donna Marie Asbury Email

City, State: Bloomfield,NJ

I had the pleasure of being a part of Richard Skipper's Birthday celebration for John Kander. What I noticed immediately was the amount of passion Richard has for what he does! You are guaranteed a great time if you go to one of his shows. So go!
Donna Marie Asbury, Bloomfield, NJ

Kathleen Hochberg Email

City, State: Bethlehem

Website: PA

If you have never been to one of Richard and Russ’s shows, you have missed out on one of the most joyous occasions! The talent unmatched and the venue intimate. Richard brings the whole audience in and if he could fit us all up on that stage, he would🤗I’ve got my tickets for April 8th!
Kathleen Hochberg, Bethlehem PA

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